Woman in tree pose surrounded by placid waters and mountains
Woman in tree pose surrounded by placid waters and mountains Photo by Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash Note from the Editors


This publication would not be possible without the exceptional talents of the faculty who nominated essays for publication. Instructors whose students' work appears in this volume include Marcio Bahia, Abigail Burns, Liang Cai, Beth Capdevielle, Cornelius Delaney, Margaret Doody, Eric Hanstaad, Ed Kelly, Nathaniel Myers, Laura Ortiz-Mercado, Sarah Snider, Jessica Shumake, Elyse Speaks, Aldo Tagliabue, and Joanna Want.

Special thanks are due to members of the editorial board, a team of volunteers who devoted considerable time and energy to the task of choosing the very best essays from over 100 submissions.

We are especially grateful to three people who contributed significantly to this volume. Assistant Editor Emily Donahoe was an invaluable part of the selection process, reading submissions, sending notifications, and compiling materials, while also offering numerous insights and suggestions that helped to build a strong issue. Erin Seeley, Staff Assistant in the University Writing Program, also deserves special thanks for coordinating communications with student authors, including taking all the author photos for the volume. The previous Editor of Fresh Writing, Erin McLaughlin, graciously mentored us through the editorial process. We not only benefited from continued access to her wisdom and know-how, but from the well-planned editorial process she established during her tenure.

We owe immense thanks to Bridget Hoyt, Curator of Education at the Snite Museum, to our library liaison, Melissa Harden, and to the members of the web and resource teams in Notre Dame's Hesburgh Library. Their ongoing copyright and technical expertise and support for this publication are unparalleled.

We thank the many students who submitted such fine essays for publication. While we could not include every submitted essay, we benefited greatly from reading your work. Finally, to the authors included in this volume, thank you for serving as exemplars of ethical discourse practices. We look forward to continuing to hear your courageous voices in other domains.

As always, thanks for your support of Fresh Writing.

Patrick Clauss and Nicole MacLaughlin, Co-Editors