Note from the Editors


This publication would not be possible without the exceptional talents of the faculty who nominated their students' work for publication. Professors whose students' work appears in this volume include: Hannah Zdansky, Eric Lewis, Elizabeth Evans, Mer Kaplan, Erin McLaughlin, Danielle Greene, Edward Kelly, C.F. Delaney, Patrick Clauss, Jessica Kim, Elizabeth Capdevielle, Caitlin Smith, Jennifer Newsome-Martin, Jacqueline Brogan, John Duffy, Maryam Zomorodian, and Amy Jonason.

Special thanks to members of the editorial board, a team of volunteers who devoted portions of their winter break, office hours, and weekends to the task of choosing a few essays from more than 100 submissions.

Thanks to staff assistant Laurie Mastic for her assistance in coordinating and taking contributor photographs for this volume; thanks to Jason Bryant for assistance resizing images for the publication.

Finally, continued thanks to members of the web development team in Hesburgh Library, who offer ongoing technical expertise and support for this publication, particularly Laurie McGowan, Jonathan Hartzler, Jaron Kennel, Andy Wetherill, and Robert Fox.

It is a pleasure to collaborate with such talented, thoughtful colleagues, especially when the project involves showcasing student excellence at Notre Dame. Thank you for your efforts, and for your support of Fresh Writing.


Erin McLaughlin, editor