Invisiball: An Infomercial

By Multiple Authors


Scene 1:

Person getting bullied

Narrator: Are you tired of having no escape from the same people bullying you every day?

person sitting in class

Narrator: Tired of listening to that same boring professor’s lecture?

(These scenes in black and white)

Scene 2:

We have found the ultimate solution for you!
Now, with Invisiball, you will be able to make yourself, or anyone around you, disappear instantly!

No more getting bullied by those same horrible people

scene is guy disappearing

No more sitting in class with that professor who makes the whole class fall asleep

scene of person in classroom

You can use this product for getting out of any uncomfortable situation, or just to help you out.

Ever wanted to know what your crush thought about you?

Now you can do all of this with (insert product name)

scene with girl spying on her crush

This product comes in three different time durations
-you can enjoy being invisible for up to 30 minutes, up to 1 hour, or up to 2 hours.
This makes the product versatile and great for any occasion.

Scene 3:

“Ever since I used (product name), I have felt invincible. I accidentally walked into the girls bathroom once, I was so embarrassed. I used the 30 minute (product name) to avoid further embarrassment. I used it so so quickly that I do not even think that anyone saw me!”

“I have been a magician for years and I always wanted to figure out how to take my show to the next level, With (name here) I was able to really make my disappearing and floating object acts come alive.”

“This product is amazing. I couldn’t do without (name). Last weekend, my friend dragged me to a party, and I just did not want to be there. One quick (name) later, and I was out of there faster than Bilbo Baggins at the beginning of the first Lord of the Rings movie.”

A product with chemical mirror imaging technology like this would usually sell for as high as 49.95, but call now and you will get a container of 15 smoke bombs for just 19.95 plus shipping and handling! For this low price you will receive 5 Invisiballs for each time duration!

Also, if you call now we will add on our high technology and high fashion sixth-sense sunglasses at no additional cost! Want to know who else is using Invisiball? Putting on these glasses will allow you to see whoever is invisible around you! How’s that for a twist?

Call now at 555-555-9320 to receive this great offer of 15 invisiballs for a low price of $19.95. You will also receive a pair of our Sixth Sense Sunglasses. All you have to do is pay for shipping and handling. You must be 18 years or older for this unbeatable offer. Get it now while supplies last.

Note from the authors: Our project satirizes the standard infomercial. Commonly, infomercials will attempt to dramatize and exaggerate the difficulties of everyday living in order to appeal to personal annoyances that viewers encounter on a day to day basis. They will attempt to make it seem as if these minor problems make life nearly unbearable. Then they introduce their product which may or may not be a great solution to the perceived problem. They dress it up, though, so that it seems like the perfect solution that viewers always needed, but never knew about, by using impressive sounding words and emotionally compelling background music.

This is what the satire in our video aims to point out. It begins with exaggerated scenarios where the “Invisiball” is needed to solve a perceived problem. These scenarios are made to seem even worse through our distorting of color (making the image black and white) and with background noise that accentuates the negativity of certain situations. Then, with the introduction of our product, the music becomes upbeat and color is added, making the mood instantly change. The ridiculous testimonials also exaggerate this effect. One of the testimonials, for example, is that of a magician and his disappearing act. Another testimonial displays a man who accidentally walked into the girls’ bathroom. By exaggerating the methods infomercials use to sell their products to viewers, we satirically inform viewers of the ways that infomercial makers attempt to manipulate them.

"Invisiball" Report

Have you ever been in an awkward or dangerous situation that you need to get out of fast? All too often, people make a fool of themselves and are stuck there to deal with the embarrassment of the situation. If you have found yourself in one of these situations, then you could use Invisiball!

Our product is called Invisiball. This product is designed to make sure that no one has to be stuck in an uncomfortable situation, whether it is dangerous or awkward. This product can make a person invisible in any situation, but fully able to hear and see what is going on in his/her surroundings. This product works for both males and females and in any type of environment. It is very simple to use, as well. Whenever you get stuck in that awkward moment that you feel like you cannot get out of, simply pull out your Invisiball, point it towards your body, and throw it right under your feet. Instantly, you will become invisible to whomever you are trying to avoid. After the Invisiball wears off, the product user will slowly start to become visible again. It’s extremely simple. Our product was inspired by all of our past experiences. There are always times when we wish we could be invisible and not have to deal with the tasks at hand.

This product was designed with all types of people in mind, whether you are in a situation at home, work, school, or anywhere else, this product is a guaranteed success or your money will be refunded to you. The product comes in three different types. When designing this product we understood that people will want to use the product for varying amounts of time. Because of this, it will come in three varieties. The quickest Invisiball will last 30 minutes, the normal-length type will last an hour, and there will also be an extended time version of the product that will last for two hours.

This product, our Invisiball, appeals to a very broad audience. Many people, of all different types of social and economic classes, could benefit from a product like this. There is, of course, a minimum age of 18 years or older to call and order this product, as we would not want young children to be running about with it, even though it is scientifically tested and certified as one of the safest products out there. Life presents us with so many reasons for wanting to use invisiball. We all have those moments in our lives, maybe even quite frequently, where we say “Man, I wish I wasn’t here right now.” Moments like those are quite universal in nature, experienced by all. Therefore, this is a product that can be useful to everybody. One particular phase of life that this product can be particularly useful are those plentiful awkward moments experienced by many in those “best years of your life:” college. All those college students who might be at a party that they have no desire to be at, now have a quick solution to getting out of there as fast as possible without anyone noticing. There also might be a kid who is getting picked on by an intimidating bully and his crew. One quick throw of the Invisiball, and he would be invisible to the naked eye and have the ability to get out of the situation safe and sound. There are also many other situations in which this product can be useful. Police could use the Invisiball to safely arrest dangerous criminals, you could use it to find out what your crush actually thinks about you, or you could even use it to play pranks on your friends. You could even use it to make other people invisible. Are you getting tired of that professor that you just cannot stand? Or maybe your crazy ex will not leave you alone? Just throw a single Invisiball and he or she will vanish instantly. Age is definitely not an excluding factor, though, for those wanting to use this product. Say your wife takes you to a dinner party hosted by someone you just cannot stand. Our product offers you simple, safe, and inconspicuous solution. The Invisiball has a unique and universal appeal.

While this product can definitely be targeted towards a younger audience, we want this product to be as available, accessible, and as far-reaching as possible, so no one is excluded from experiencing Invisiball. And for those worried about the health implications, the usage of this product has been scientifically proven to not have any detrimental effects on senior citizens or pregnant women. Even the price is meant to allow for maximum availability to the largest target audience possible. The reason that the Invisiball targets this age group is because young adults around this age are more likely than people of other age groups to find themselves in embarrassing or dangerous situations that they would like to get away from. It is perfect for people who happen to find themselves in embarrassing situations that they need to get out of, people who find themselves amid an intense argument that they do not want to become a part of, or for people who accidentally stumble into a dangerous situation. The Invisiball addresses the problem of needing to disappear, providing an easy solution at an affordable cost to the consumer. The Invisiball provides a unique solution to these problems which cannot be provided by any other product, allowing the user to escape it by actually turning themselves invisible. This is what will make the Invisiball easy to market to our customers.

One limitation of this product is that, because the Invisiball cannot target what is turning invisible, your toss must be very accurate. This does not hamper turning yourself or those near you invisible, but when trying to hit a target at a distance, it can be very difficult to be precise enough. As a result, the chemical emitted from the Invisiball will not cover enough of the target’s body to turn him or her invisible. This could have various results. The target could either become slightly transparent or it could happen that only certain parts of the target person will disappear. Another limitation of this product is that, once used, the Invisiball cannot be refilled. Once it is used, it is useless and the shell must be thrown away. Also, users must use caution if using two Invisiballs at once. This could have several different effects. The first effect is that the target will remain Invisible for a much longer duration. This extended time is very unpredictable and can range anywhere from 2 to 8 hours of being invisible. This usually occurs when two of the same type of Invisiball are used. It is also possible that the Invisiballs counteract each other resulting in the user being completely visible. The final possible result, and the most likely, is that the chemicals of the two Invisiballs will struggle against each other causing the user to awkwardly fade in and out of visibility for very long periods of time. This result could also take effect while either of the first two results are occurring which is why it is the most likely of the three to encounter. We do not recommend the use of this product for small children, animals, disabled people, people with chronic diseases, or people who have sensitive skin. We also do not support using this product to escape from law enforcement. We simply want the product to be able to allow an escape for people who need one. There is no product out there at this price that can appeal to such a large audience. People will want to buy Invisiball.

The Invisiball can be bought for the low price of $19.95. For this low price customers will get 15 Invisiballs which will include five of each of the different types of Invisiball. New advances in the field of chemical mirror imaging technology make it possible for this previously expensive item to be manufactured at a new, low cost. This makes the product more affordable to produce, and therefore able to be sold at a low cost to consumers, making the Invisiball available to the common person.

Also, for no extra charge, we will also send our customers a pair of Sixth Sense Sunglasses. These sunglasses will allow the wearer to see anyone who is currently invisible due to them using an Invisiball. The glasses take advantage of using the inverse of the optometric mirroring properties of the Invisiball and allow the user to see Invisiball users as if they were not even using it. This way, no Invisiball user can have a total unfair advantage on any unassuming person. The best part about this product, besides its ease-of-use and unique technology, is that it is totally free with the purchase of a container of Invisiballs!

The vanishing power given by the Invisiball, is unprecedented and provides its users with limitless possibilities. You can become invisible just like Harry Potter did with his invisibility cloak, or like Bilbo Baggins does when he slips on the one ring. You could also pull off disappearing acts that would put the best magicians to shame. You could even go as the invisible man on Halloween. The Invisiball is a sure success.