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Image: Writing and Reading Tools Deborah Forteza Note from the Editors


Though Fresh Writing is now in its thirteenth year, this volume represents the first web-based version of the publication. The publication is designed with a pedagogical focus—that is, to provide models of excellent writing to students enrolled in Writing & Rhetoric courses at Notre Dame.

This publication would not be possible without the exceptional talents of the faculty who nominated their students’ work for publication. Professors whose students’ work appears in this volume include: Patrick Clauss, Romana Huk, Edward Kelly, Elizabeth Capdevielle, Angel Matos, Margaret McMillan, Deborah Forteza, Leanne MacDonald, John Duffy, Josh Kercsmar, Stuart Greene, Ana Jimenez-Moreno, Andrew Gould, Lauren Whitnah, and Erin McLaughlin.

Special thanks to members of the editorial board, a team of volunteers who devoted portions of their winter break, office hours, and weekends to the task of choosing a few essays from more than 100 submissions. Editorial board volunteers for this volume: Elizabeth Capdevielle, Matthew Capdevielle, Patrick Clauss, John Dillon, Kara Donnelly, Marielle Hampe, Josh Kercsmar, Brennan Kruszewski, Leanne MacDonald, Angel Matos, Margaret McMillan, Claire Rembecki, Bryan Santin, and Nicole MacLaughlin. I am especially grateful to editorial board members Patrick Clauss and Angel Matos for their ongoing collaboration in conceptualizing, coordinating, and implementing the web-based publication.

Thanks to Writing Program Director John Duffy for his unwavering support of the publication and its transition to the new format.

Thanks to staff assistant Laurie Mastic for her assistance in coordinating and taking contributor photographs for this volume.

Thanks to Deborah Forteza for her editing and formatting assistance, and for designing the banner for the current volume.

Finally, my deepest thanks to members of the web development team in Hesburgh Library, who were willing to take on Fresh Writing as a pilot project and who devoted countless hours of technical and design expertise to developing this website from scratch. The development and design team included: Laurie McGowan, Jonathan Hartzler, Jaron Kennel, Andy Wetherill, and Robert Fox. Thank you for turning our vision into reality.

It is a pleasure to collaborate with such talented, thoughtful colleagues, particularly when the project involves showcasing student excellence at Notre Dame. Thank you for your efforts, and for your support of Fresh Writing.


Erin McLaughlin, editor