Image for art and passion edited copy Art and Passion: The Dark Side of Greatness By Angelica Ketcham Volume 19 Analysis
Meditation image The Art of Meditation: Integrating Ancient Practices into the First-Year Moreau Experience By Jenna Wade Volume 18 Research
Art supplies 957576 1280 The Art of Relationships: Correlations Between Art, Education, and Society By Cosette Fehribach Volume 16 Research
1973 074 v0001 The Asbaugh Madonna By Soren Kyhl Volume 15 Analysis
Nicholas vassios dxnqguaxq6e unsplash Asian or American?: The Contradictory Identity of the “Model Minority” By Joshua von Werder Volume 22 Research
Katie harp agwt9nsitwu unsplash Asking for the Bare Minimum By Evangelia Analitis Volume 20 Research
Christ in the house of simon mcpartlin award At Christ’s Feet: A New Definition of Sanctity
 By Kendra Lyimo Volume 21 Analysis
Oscar keys amprunrb6n0 unsplash Bearing Social Witness to the Voiceless By Marcelle Giesemann Volume 20 Narrative
Fullsizeoutput 1803 Beauty in Imperfection By Anna Kluender Volume 18 Narrative
Bison cover photo Bison: Livestock or Wild and Free? By Brianna Brown Volume 18 Research