Pedraza cover image Poverty Amongst the Rich By Dulce Daniella Pedraza Gonzalez Volume 22 Research
The power of community The Power Of Community By Joshua Pine Volume 16 Narrative
Mullen cover image Prevention of Cervical Cancer: Overcoming Cultural Barriers Faced by Quechua Women in Andean Peru By Cassidy Mullen Volume 22 Research
Labrador cover image A Priceless Analogy By Sophia Labrador Volume 22 Analysis
Ge%cc%81rin clytemnestre he%cc%81sitant avant de frapper agamemnon endormi louvre 5185 Promiscuity, Deception, and Lamentation: The Advancement of Women’s Rights and Democracy in Ancient Greek Tragedies By Ashtin Ballard Volume 16 Analysis
Feliphe schiarolli hes6nuc1mvc unsplash Public Education: How the Government is Failing Its Citizens By Conlan Jarvis Volume 19 Research
Img 0488 original Put the Volunteer in Voluntourism By Christian Cepeda Volume 20 Research
Nydia Randolph Rogers, Nydia, the Blind Girl of Pompeii, 1859 By Maya Jain Volume 14 Analysis
512px odysseus und penelope %28tischbein%29 Reassessing the Virtue of Andreia in the Odyssey and the Greek Novel By Brittany Coffman Volume 19 Analysis
Benjamin moran m6ltoyt tao unsplash Redlining: The Suffocating Wall of Exclusion By Chrystian Rangel Volume 21 Research